St patrick’s day cupcakes


Share the luck of the Irish with cupcakes coated in frosting flavored with Baileys Irish Cream a liqueur made from a blend of cream, cocoa, and Irish whiskey and decorated with a sprig or two of real three-leaf clovers. The clovers should be removed before eating (be sure to use only pesticide-free clovers from a reliable source or your garden). You could also decorate the tops with a shamrock stencil, available at craft-supply stores, and green sanding sugar.

  • Yield: 24


  • 24 Brown Sugar Pound Cakes
  • Baileys Irish Cream Frosting
  • 24 to 48 three-leaf clover sprigs, crystallized
How to Make It
  1. Using an offset spatula, spread each cupcake with a smooth layer of frosting.
  2. Cupcakes can be refrigerated up to 3 days in airtight containers; bring to room temperature and top each with 1 or 2 clover sprigs just before serving.

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